What is p5.toio?

p5.toio is a library for toio™ in p5.js environment. A lot of APIs on toio can be used with just simple steps as we see later. Now I released an alpha-version(0.5.0) so that there is no test code, detailed API document or samples yet. Please wait for the next beta-version(0.8.0) release😉.

By using this library, we can start immediately controlling toioâ„¢Core Cube like sample below. Please refer to Environment for the system requirements.
p5.js Web Editor: p5.toio basic sample

How to play samples on p5.js Web Editor

  1. Turn a toioâ„¢Core Cube on.
  2. Open sample URL and click Play button.
  3. Click Preview region then the dialog will launch.
  4. Select a Cube displayed.
  5. p5.toio samples mostly use mouseClick to connect.

Class Structure

p5.toio consists of 2 classes P5tCube and P5tId. P5tCube class supplies a lot of APIs and utilities enable us to control toioâ„¢Core Cube easily. Please refer to the P5tCube class interfaces from here. P5tId class includes APIs and properties on toioIDs printed on toioâ„¢'s mats, cards, stickers and so on. See interfaces from here for P5tId.


Source codes and any document are publised on GitHub and released under MIT License.